Petar Georgiev and Radostin Milkov are the driving forces behind the Georgiev/Milkov project. They are fellow students, friends, and winemakers who have made wine in Austria, Malta, the United States, New Zealand, China, and, last but not least, Bulgaria. We do not currently have our own vineyards, but we are focused on finding and working with old vineyards of authentic Bulgarian varieties. We were both united by a desire to work with local varieties, so we began touring vineyards in the Plovdiv region in 2014 in search of the right arrays to work with. Our desire was to present a contemporary face of authentic Bulgarian varieties.



He was born in Plovdiv with no clue he would one day become a winemaker. Graduated from the University of Food Technology in Plovdiv. During his student years, he worked in a wine bar, where he learned about the world's wine diversity. His path in the creative world of wine begins at Santa Sarah, Bulgaria, followed by Arndorfer Kamptal, Austria, and Allan Scott, Marlborough. During these practices, his passion for wine was born. He joined the Rossidi - Bulgaria team in 2010, and he is still a part of it today.



Born in the city of Varna, he began his winemaking career alongside his family on the family vineyard near the sea coast of Balchik. In 2007, he received a master's degree from UFT - specialization "Technology of fermentation products", wine profile - after being fascinated by the process of fruit fermentation. He has worked in wine industry in the United States, Malta, and China and has over ten years of experience in the enological products trade. He collaborates closely with top French oenological laboratories. His interest in local varieties led him to collaborate with Petar Georgiev in their joint wine project "Georgiev/Milkov" in 2014.



Following several months of meetings with vinegrowers and vineyard excursions, we came to a halt at two of the vineyards we deal with: Mavrud from Novi Izvor and Rubin from Brestovitsa. In 2019, we discovered a vineyard in Prolom that was planted with Red Misket. We want to maximize the expression of the fruit and terroir of the vines from which the wine is made during the vinification process.



Red Misket Prolom


This is our current location. The Starozagorsko Pole is to the east. The Rhodope Mountains lie to the south, and Sredna Gora lies to the north. Bulgaria has some of the oldest records of wine production.

It has a slope that runs from west-northwest to east-southeast. The Maritsa River and its tributaries drain the field. Its altitude is approximately 300 m in the west and gradually decreases to 100 m in the east.

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The western parts of the Upper Thracian plain have a transitional continental climate, whilst the southernmost part has a Mediterranean climate. The western parts of the Upper Thracian plain have a transitional continental climate, whilst the southernmost part has a Mediterranean climate. The cold air masses are hampered in the north by the Stara Planina and Sredna Gora, while the hot Mediterranean air is restricted in the south by the Rhodope Mountains. The winter season is mild and pleasant. The average temperature in January is around 0°C. The average July temperature is between 23 and 24°C. The frost-free period is significantly longer than in Northern Bulgaria. The winds are mostly from the west. Eastern winds are rarely seen. A fan descends from the Rhodopes’ northern slopes. Precipitation is less than 500 mm (less than the national average) and is distributed almost evenly by season. Cinnamon forest, alluvial-deluvial, and resin soils dominate.

It is thought that the Bulgarian varieties of mavrud, ruby, pamid, and Karlovci misket originated here, as well as at other locations in the eastern plain (red misket).